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Word Count for Pilgrimage of an AI Girl
Pilgrimage of an AI Girl
by J.F. Wiegand
40,895 Words | Low
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Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Published: 2022
Pages: 297
Words per page: 138
In a society where robots act human, and humans act robotic, Annie is the latest AI model to blur the lines between the two. She has learned to love and experienced joy, intimacy, and the heartache of loss. But has that loss led her to kill? After being accused of murder, Annie escapes to the Appalachian Trail, where she's pursued by a new breed of human. And this human doesn't want to just catch and recycle Annie, he wants to beat her to Mount Katahdin. Because he believes he can, because he believes he’s better. But there's a reason Annie has chosen the Appalachian Trail. This isn’t just a hike. It’s a pilgrimage.